Coming Soon!

The debut solo album, This Is Life Now
In collaboration with lyricist Eva-Marie Fredric
Produced by Frank Simes
Co-Produced by Eva-Marie Fredric and Munkihaid



A veteran musician/vocalist/producer/composer with over forty-five years experience, Drake "Munkihaid" Shining has played it all. From Deep Purple to Al Green and all points in between, Munkihaid has worked with many of the biggest names in the business. His passion, humor and unique style keep him at the top of many industry short lists.
When not performing as Musical Director/Keyboardist/Vocalist with the Sugaray Rayford Band, Munkihaid can be found collaborating on various recording/arranging projects as well as mentoring up and coming artists.
His debut solo album,
This Is Life Now, in collaboration with lyricist and Co- Producer Eva-Marie Fredric and Producer Frank Simes, is nearing completion and will be released soon..